Welcome to WTauctions, the auction rate security website of Wilmington Trust. The following instructions will assist auction participants in navigating the WTauctions website. For any questions, please call Colin Casner at 302-636-6800

General Information

Use the tab key or your mouse to advance from field to field. Do not use the keyboard 'Enter' key to navigate the WTauctions website.

Page Descriptions

Home Page
    The Home Page provides you with four links: Instructions, which takes you to this page, Registration, which takes you to the Registration Page, Auctions, which takes you to the Login Page and Contact Information, which takes you to the Contact Page.
Registration Page
    The Registration Page allows individuals from eligible institutions (broker dealers, issuers and trustees) to register with WTauctions. The following information is required to register: First and Last Name, Organization, Telephone, Email and Password. Registered individuals do not have access to the site until granted permission by Wilmington Trust.
Login Page
    The Login Page allows authorized registrants to enter the site.
Contact Page
    The Contact Page provides WTauctions contact information.

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If you have any questions, please call Colin Casner at 302-636-6800

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